Brought to you by Stitchta:
Design custom pillows and bags with your photos!

What's going on here?

Mona angle

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We've got some sweet patent pending color magic technology* that takes your photos, slices and dices them and matches them up to emojis.

We then take this fancy emoji art and print them on big beautiful sheets of matte paper, and they look just great.

Behind the scenes we've got a ton of serious color math happening behind the scenes to transform your photo into the perfect color matched emoji mosaic, see attached for an example.

Most mosaic generators online are performing RGB color matching to find matching photos. That can have some weird visual side effects, but it's much faster.

We got into doing LAB color space analysis with CIE Deltas. The math is way, way more complicated, but it looks better!

The prints are printed in Washington DC and California. The code and design is done in Brooklyn, NY.

Moji Lisa was brought to you by brother and sister Doug and Rachel. We also made Stitchta, which creates pillows and bags from your photos. That's been running for over 5 years!

* Nerds: We're using Python, AWS Lambda, C++, and Rails. It's a delicate blend!

We use a few icons from the Noun Project:
Balloon by Julien Deveaux from the Noun Project
Love by Laurène Smith from the Noun Project
Shopping Cart by Edward Boatman from the Noun Project